Huntington Learning Center Fort Lauderdale

Region: Broward County School Type: After-School Program, Online School Activities & Classes: College Prep, Education Resources, Tutoring & Testing

Kindergarten to Grade 12
Reading | Writing | Math | Vocabulary Spelling | Study Skills | Phonics
We understand that no two children learn alike. Our K-12 programs help thousands of students quickly improve their grades and build their confidence. Whether a child is struggling with math, has poor homework habits or experiences school difficulties due to ADHD, Huntington can help.

Middle School to College
Pre-algebra | Algebra | Geometry Trigonometry | Precalculus | Calculus Physics | Biology | Chemistry | Earth Science
These programs are designed for those who want better grades in their math and science courses and for those seeking accelerated learning of their favorite subject. Our tutoring programs provide individualized instruction based on each student’s needs

Throughout their academic careers, students take many tests that help determine their future—including high school entrance exams, AP classes, the ACT and SAT and everything in-between. But no matter which exam a student needs to prepare for, our goal at Huntington is always the same: to help all students achieve their best possible score.

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Address: 5200 N Federal Hwy Ste 3, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
Phone: (954) 488-2222
Year Established: 1977
Beginning Grade Taught: Kindergarten
Ending Grade Taught: 12th Grade
Additional Information: Huntington Services Brochure

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