Build a Better You

Build a Better You

Take the stairs or the elevator. Order a dinner salad or a greasy burger. Apply sunscreen or brave the outdoors without it. Every day we all make choices that affect our health and wellness. 

In real life, each choice counts, but in the MeLaß at the Phillip And Patricia Frost Museum of Science, visitors become the experiment, exploring the amazing ways their body and mind work together, and how daily choices impact their health and well-being.

Reenvisioned and relocated in the museum’s West Wing, the newly enhanced exhibition has so much to explore that it now spreads across two levels of the Baptist Health Galleries. There are new interactive experiences, such as: the Health Labs, where guests can step into the shoes of a health scientist and conduct experiments; Crush the Calories, a digital gaming installation that encourages movement; and reimagined live science demonstrations.

Making their way through the two MeLaß spaces, visitors encounter five interactive zones — Eat, Move, Relax, Connect and Learn — each one offering explorations that reveal the connection between the body and brain. For example, they can fill up a virtual plate with favorite foods to find out how to balance calories in with calories out; or take timed brain teaser challenges to see how they respond under pressure; or sink into a relax pod to learn which music helps them best unwind.

All of this is done with the assistance of a digital character, ßeta, a personal partner that each guest builds by answering questions in each zone. The more questions answered, the more each ßeta is customized and the more visitors learn about themselves. 

The museum is at 1101 Biscayne Blvd, Miami. For more information, visit or call 305-434-9600.