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Impractical Inquiries
Published: 09/29/22
By: Pam Moore
They say there are no dumb questions. They are wrong. There are, in fact, many dumb questions. I know because I ask them more often than Kim Kardashian posts a … read more
The Key to Mastering Motherhood
Published: 04/28/22
By: Sarah Lyons
The Key to Mastering Motherhood
We have all heard that motherhood can feel like a rollercoaster ride. There are highs and lows along the way. While that is a true statement, there are also many … read more
Sharing the Load
Published: 05/14/20
By: Perry P. Perkins
Sharing the Load
A few months ago, before social distancing made such gatherings impossible, I joined in a conversation with some moms I know, and the topic turned to funny things their husbands had … read more
Life in quaranTEEN
Published: 05/14/20
By: Shannon Pease-Severance
Life In Quaranteen
Imposing social distancing restrictions on a teenager is a bit like pulling a wolf from its pack. Both are social beings by nature, bonded by a complex connection with their … read more
Finding Forgiveness
Published: 11/27/19
By: Dolores Smyth
Finding Forgiveness
You may be at work, at home, or in a waiting room when the mental video clip starts rolling — the one highlighting the slights behind that grudge you hold … read more
An Apology to Alexa
Published: 07/25/19
By: Malia Jacobson
An Apology to Alexa
Alexa, let me start. I know you never wanted this. We appreciate you — there’s no question. Your un-boxing was a momentous day in our house. A robotic personal assistant … read more
8 Get-real Resolutions
Published: 12/28/18
By: LJ Kunkel
8 Get-real Resolutions
NEW YEAR, NEW YOU! I see this everywhere, and I can’t help but roll my eyes a little. Don’t get me wrong –– I’m all for motivation and self-improvement. Kudos … read more
A Model Life at 40?
Published: 07/27/18
By: Kathryn Streeter
I’m in my 40th year of life, and today I sat for most of the morning at the kitchen table working on my 7-year-old son’s model Porsche, a beautiful red … read more
Penny-pinching Parenting
Published: 06/27/18
By: Kara Martinez Bachman
When I was young, I was sure my parents had to be the cheapest people to ever walk the earth. Ever. It used to disgust me. Until I had kids.   … read more
Father of the Ride
Published: 05/25/18
By: Rick Epstein
My 17-year-old daughter, Sally, was driving to school with me sitting beside her. Roadside mailboxes on posts were whizzing by 10 inches from my face. Forcing my voice to sound … read more
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