Party Time

It will soon be fa-la-la season for holiday parties, ‬but there’s one celebration that ‬happens any time of the year ‬— ‬the birthday party. ‬Some parents may aspire to throw a bash for their child like pre-divorce Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes did in ‬2006 ‬for their Suri’s second (!) ‬birthday, ‬splurging $‬100,000 ‬on fresh flowers ($‬17,000), ‬Wolfgang Puck catering ($‬45,000), ‬a $‬5,000 ‬cake ‬— ‬not to mention other extravagances like filling the house with 1,000 ‬butterflies! ‬But most of us don’t sail in that stratosphere. ‬That’s where our party primer comes in, ‬brimming with helpful steps to a fun but sane celebration, ‬whether planning a party at home or trying to find an entertainer or the perfect party place. ‬There’s also advice on proper party preparations and etiquette, ‬and how to strike just the right tone for ‬those persnickety teen celebrations. ‬So, ‬all together now: “Happy Birthday Party to you…”‬

Birthday Party Primer 

8 Steps to Sane Soirees

Teen Parties