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Back-to-School Celebrations
Published: 07/29/21
Back-to-School Celebrations 2021
Back-To-School Fest Sunday, August 1 Be entertained by live performances, a science show, exhibitors, and more. The first 200 kids will receive a drawstring backpack with school supplies. Time: 2-4 … read more
Going Back To School
Published: 07/26/21
By: Kimberly Blaker
Going Back To School
The start of a new school year is often anticipated with a mix of emotions for kids and parents alike, ranging from exhilaration to anxiety.  This year, feelings might be … read more
4 Tips to Develop Strong Handwriting Skills
Published: 10/19/20
By: Kumon North America
4 Tips to Develop Strong Handwriting Skills
As the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded, children across the country saw a dramatic increase in screen time. Time that was previously spent in the classroom with a pencil to paper quickly … read more
Mastering Online Learning
Published: 08/26/20
By: Caroline Knorr
Mastering Distance Learning
If you have one of those kids who jumps out of bed, eager to get started on whatever kind of learning is on the agenda, whether it be online-only or … read more
Give Kids a Break
Published: 08/12/20
By: Sandi Schwartz
Give Kids a Break
This school year, you might find that many pandemic safety protocols keep kids tied to their desks (and computer screens) more than they are used to. It’s important that we … read more
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