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Penny-pinching Parenting
Published: 06/27/18
By: Kara Martinez Bachman
When I was young, I was sure my parents had to be the cheapest people to ever walk the earth. Ever. It used to disgust me. Until I had kids.   … read more
Father of the Ride
Published: 05/25/18
By: Rick Epstein
My 17-year-old daughter, Sally, was driving to school with me sitting beside her. Roadside mailboxes on posts were whizzing by 10 inches from my face. Forcing my voice to sound … read more
Secrets of a Sleep Seeker
Published: 03/29/18
By: Paige Wolf
My relationship with sleep has always been tenuous. I am one of those people who require a minimum of eight hours to properly function. Yet, at the same time, I … read more
Tonight’s Special Delivery
Published: 02/21/18
By: Sarah Broussard Weaver
My family recently began receiving boxes from one of those companies that send overpriced pre-portioned ingredients and a recipe in environment-killing packaging. We signed up for this even though I … read more
Just Say Yes
Published: 06/30/17
By: Jessica Higgins
“Can you play 18 games of Uno with me?” “Can my friends come over to play?” “Can we go to the park?”   In my head, the answer to each … read more
Do I Look Fat in this Fitbit?
Published: 05/24/17
By: Lisa A. Beach
Tapping into the latest trend, my well-intentioned husband recently bought me a Fitbit, one of those omnipotent fitness tracker wristbands. The Fitbit monitors your every move (literally) with a built-in … read more
The Multitasking Mama
Published: 04/26/17
By: Lisa A. Beach
“I’ll be back out in a minute,” I said to my husband Kevin as we were sitting on the back porch reading the Sunday paper. “I need to go throw … read more
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