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Get Crafty With The Kids
Published: 01/02/22
By: Shannon Pease-Severance
Play with Pieces
Helping turn on your kid’s creativity can be as easy as putting pencil to paper. Color My World A box of crayons – it’s as simple as that. Whether you … read more
How to Teach Family First Aid
Published: 12/23/21
By: Sarah Lyons
How to Teach Family First Aid
It is never too early to start teaching your kids basic first-aid skills and what to do in an emergency. If your child gets injured, remain calm and talk them … read more
How to Vacation From Home
Published: 12/12/21
By: Shannon Pease-Severance
Dont cancel your vacation
You don’t have to fill up the gas tank or pack a bag for this excursion, AND you won’t have to hear “Are we there yet?” even once.  Just sit … read more
The Purr-fect Addition: A Family Pet
Published: 11/19/21
By: Jennifer Jhon
The Purr-fect Addition: A Family Pet
With the winter holidays here, parents might be considering gifting their kids with a furry friend. After all, those puppy-in-a-box and kitten-with-a-bow videos are the cutest, and they generally end … read more
Doting on Dad this Father’s Day
Published: 06/01/21
By: Shannon Pease-Severance
Father's Day 2020
Here are some ways to celebrate Father’s Day with your dad this year.  Explore the Outdoors Butterflies with Pop Take time to relax and experience the beauty of butterflies with … read more
5 DIY Earth Day Activities
Published: 04/02/21
By: Shannon Pease-Severance
Get into Gardening Head outdoors and explore nature in new ways. Consider starting a composting project, planting herbs or tending to a garden. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden offers “how-tos” online … read more
Fun Family Projects for Spring Break
Published: 03/25/21
By: Shannon Pease-Severance
Fun family projects
Vegetable Can Pencil Holder – Glue construction paper on a recycled vegetable can and then decorate with markers, paint and crayons. For added pizzazz, glue on beads, buttons, pompoms or … read more
Home Alone: Boredom Busters
Published: 03/17/21
By: Shannon Pease-Severance
DIY Foam Paint
ANXIETY RELIEF Kids can create their own oil-and-water Discovery Bottle (or Sensory Bottle) with items you have in the pantry. Perfect for preschoolers and elementary-aged kids, this project requires only … read more
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